Usage of hooklift dumpsters and skip bins: recycling tips:

To ensure the safety of all, please maintain clear and safe access to your container. In addition, place your container in an open or well-lit area and ensure that the overhead clearance....more

Waste hooklift containers: some words on their usage

No matter, which type of container (10 m3, 15 m3, 30 m3) you choose, you should always remember that safety is a top priority for waste management and is a shared responsibility that starts right at your waste container. ...more

Some words on recycling of special industrial waste

Removable bins, besides storing and transporting industrial waste or household waste, can also be used for storage and transportation of hazardous industrial waste. ...more

Ordinary industrial waste and recycling solutions

Ordinary industrial waste include waste generated by ongoing operations, excluding waste presenting a particular risk to people or the environment. ...more

Recycling of wastes, participation of Ebennes in this process

Your wastes is our profession, whether it concerns construction wastes, cardboard, scrap metal, rubble, wood, tires, paper, plastic, wood....more

Some things to pay attention to in usage of hooklift roll-off containers

Typical container volume sizes in the France, Belgium are 10, 15, 25, 30, and 41 m3. Most clients, engaged in waste management process prefer their waste containers to be of blue, green, white or grey color. ...more

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