Ordinary industrial waste and recycling solutions

Ordinary industrial waste include waste generated by ongoing operations, excluding waste presenting a particular risk to people or the environment. It is non-hazardous and non-inert waste, it can be treated as domestic garbage and as such follow the same channels of collection and treatment.
Examples of ordinary industrial waste: wood, glass, tires, scrap metal or manufacturing scrap, ferrous metals from autos, cardboard and wrapping paper, various paper (recycled, colored), newspapers, cans, films, pots, magazines.
For information, household garbage and ordinary industrial waste represents 7 tons per inhabitant per year in France, this, it is one of the largest recycling waste types in terms of volume.

EBENNE hooklift containers adapted for storage and transport purposes: 10 m3, 15 m3 and 30 m3, standard model or reinforced model.

For each type of ordinary industrial waste, to the extent that it was correctly sorted, there exists a recycling solution.

Recycling of paper / cardboard is made by grinding and compacting.

Recycling of scrap and metal is possible by:

- Presses of briquetting chips, turnings
- Packets presses
- Guillotine presses

Wood recycling is possible through thermal utilization (pellet production).
Plastics recycling is possible by the separation of plastics by means of triboelectric separators to separate some types of plastics crushed and dry them without importance of shape, color, density.


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