Some words on recycling of special industrial waste

Removable bins, besides storing and transporting industrial waste or household waste, can also be used for storage and transportation of hazardous industrial waste. For these purposes, the dumpsters at the request of client and with the coordination of containers’ manufacturer, are equipped with special options, allowing to put such kind of wastes into these waste dumpsters.
Special industrial waste - is industrial waste generated by the activities of a higher education institution (or scientific, research organizations): asbestos, various oils, computer equipment, medications (and their packaging), rechargeable batteries, refrigerators, used solvents , paints, fluorescent tubes and mercury-containing lamps.
For this type of waste exists a special treatments centers.
Special hazardous industrial waste should not be mixed with scrap metal and / or other waste. Some kinds of special industrial waste (such as special medical waste, wastes in form of powder or liquid waste) must be eventually stabilized and packaged in a suitable manner, before being directed to the recycling facilities, for their further neutralization and disposal in authorized treatment centers, according to their nature.
Regarding explosive types industrial waste (for example: aerosols (deodorant, lubricant, rust remover, paint, varnish), gas bottles etc) - they are all subject of a recycling procedure managed by the services in charge of protection of the population (for their recycling in France, for example, one must address the department prefecture).
Going out of principle  that the waste is the easiest to treat when they are not yet produced, eco-design and reduction strategies at source and recycling and / or reuse are often the best recommended solutions.
There is no clear regulations regarding new risk products (nanoparticles, GMOs).
The recycling companies and waste recovery companies have a lot of experience treating all types of various wastes.
If you need to get rid of special industrial wastes, ask your provider to rent you dumpsters to provide you in such a way with a clear procedure (guide) adapted for your particular needs and your type of waste.

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