Some things to pay attention to in usage of hooklift roll-off containers

Typical container volume sizes in the France, Belgium are 10, 15, 25, 30, and 41 m3. Most clients, engaged in waste management process prefer their waste containers to be of blue, green, white or grey color.
One of problem often encountered with hooklift containers is the liability of damaging the surface they are placed on. As hook-lift containers have two steel rollers for wheels, they can damage the surface. This is why it is recommended to put some protection (for example: plywood) under the waste container to avoid such a situation.
It is important to remember that hooklift containers (no matter what their size or volume is) should be placed on a hard stable surface (like concrete or similar surface). If waste container is placed upon dirt, its rollers can sink after a rain and the truck can get stuck. In the dirt it is also impossible to insure the stable position of heavily loaded waste container.
There are some types of wastes not accepted by waste containers’ rental companies. Such waste include (but are not limited to) chemicals: petroleum products, tires etc. The prohibition of items is made in order to comply with the regulations regarding disposal of (industrial) hazardous materials. However, in case such a load was already put into waste container and brought by client to the waste disposal site in a rented container, the waste container rental company may charge the client a penalty for proper handling of such material.
It is also to remember that most container rental companies, engaged in recycling establish a certain weight limit for each container volume. Weight limits can be necessary to ensure compliance with road-use and safety regulations of the region where waste containers are determined to be used. Containers loaded with more weight than allowed result in an overage charge. The maximum weight is specified while signing the order.

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