Usage of hooklift dumpsters and skip bins: recycling tips:

To ensure the safety of all, please maintain clear and safe access to your container.  In addition, place your container in an open or well-lit area and ensure that the overhead clearance.
Below are the tips on recycling of different types of waste (materials):
To ensure pick up of green waste, the waste must be free of items such as plastic, metal, food waste, garbage, soil, sod and stones. Green waste can include items such as: leaves, hedge and tree trimmings, branches, plants, brushes, lawn edging (earth removed), grass clippings.
Dirt and rocks can be combined with each other, but must not be mixed with any other materials. The same concerns :

  • building materials (concrete, asphalt, tar, gravel roofing). To be used with maxi 10 m3 container;
  •  hazardous waste (asbestos, batteries, tires, paint, oils, medical waste). To be used with maxi 10-30 m3 container depending on weight.

Due to their nature, these materials must not be mixed with any other materials, as they are taken to a recycling facility where they are re-used.
Store your waste containers (hooklift or skip bins) in a preferably shaded area.  If your dumpster is equipped with plastic or metal lids – do not overload it, for the lids to be able to close.

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